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We provide garage door openers maintenance & repair services

Garage door openers are rigorously used every month, allowing you to easily take out your vehicle and park it back in to keep it safe from damage and theft. They are generally made to serve for a long time, but since they have moving parts, they get worn out with regular use. You have to repair or replace them every now and then to ensure that your garage door works seamlessly every day. And to ensure that the repairs have been made correctly, you should consider calling a skilled and experienced technician from All Day Garage Doors.


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Common Garage Door Opener Problems

There are several common problems that owners of garage door openers experience. These problems include.

Issues with Both the Opener Keypad and Wall Switch

If both of your opener keypad and wall switch are not working, there is a high chance that the problem is with the power supply. You will have to make sure that the circuit breaker is not tripped and the opener assembly is properly plugged in.


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Have a Professional Examine and Repair your Garage Door Opener in NJ

While there are certain problems you can try and fix yourself, it is always advisable to leave the task to the professional technicians. At All Day Garage Doors, we have licensed and insured technicians who have years of experience to repair garage door openers in NJ and surrounding regions. We believe in completing our jobs quickly and accurately, ensuring that the problem with your garage door opener doesn’t arise again. We provide you with details of the fault with the opener and suggest repairs along with a quote, for free.

Malfunctioned Remote Keypad
If your garage door is not opening through the remote keypad but is with the wall switch, there can be a problem with the keypad’s battery. It can also be the antenna or issue with its programming.

Garage Door Gets Stuck Half Way
This problem can be related to the close-limit switch, and to resolve it, you must adjust the switch. You can use the override switch, and if that doesn’t work, the problem is likely to be the door itself.

Garage Door Opener Troubles During Winters
This may be due to a stiff roller. You can adjust your garage door opener’s sensitivity or lubricate it.

Emergency Garage Door Opener Repairs in New Jersey

All Day Garage Doors have trucks that are equipped with the latest equipment and are ready to leave for your home at a moment’s notice. This means that our technicians are always ready to provide emergency garage door opener repair services, wherever you need them and whenever you need them. We arrive on time and strive to provide you with speedy repair solutions. Learn more about our service areas before calling us!

Top-Notch Garage Door Opener Repairs in New Jersey

We have a large customer base in New Jersey and the reason we are trusted is that we believe in delivering our best possible services every time. That’s why we are recommended so many times by our customers, and we are proud of that fact. Our technicians are friendly and will always serve you with a smile while exhibiting professionalism and providing high-quality garage door opener repair services in NJ and surrounding regions. For more information or to get a free quote, call us at 877-218-3667 today.

Use your Garage Door with Peace of Mind

Aside from installing garage door openers, we offer timely maintenance services to help you keep your garage door openers working seamlessly for years. Our technicians ensure that all the parts of your garage door are working in top condition and free of malfunctions.

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We know that you want to know the cost of the garage door repair or replacement up front, and that shouldn’t cost you anything – we believe it’s your right to know this information for free. We provide accurate estimates of the cost of the parts and repair, along with the technician’s fee.

We take pride in offering the most reasonable rates to customers in New Jersey because we value your money just like you do and strive to provide its worth through our high-quality work. To book a technician for any garage door repair work or to get a free estimate, call us at 877-218-3667 today.


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