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Somerville Garage Door Services

Garage doors serve several purposes, they help to shelter car from the wind, rain, and snow. They protect some of your stored possession and they may act as a barrier between the side or back door of your home and the outside world.

With your garage door performing so many functions most home and business owner in Somerville, NJ know how essential it is to keep your garage door in the best condition possible. Here at All Day Garage Doors we can provide you with any garage door installation, repair and replacement services you may need whenever you may need it. Here is a brief look at some of the services we provide.


Garage Door Repair & Installation


Garage Door Opener Repair


Garage Door Springs Fix

Garage Door Installation, Repair and Replacement

Whether you have a newly built garage or your old garage door needs to be replaced our licensed and skilled garage door technicians can install a new garage door for simply and quickly. Garage doors are incredibly heavy and have many working part so it takes the skills of a professional experienced garage door technician to install your garage door to make sure it is installed correctly and functioning properly.

We also provide the entire range of garage door repair services including repairing or replacing damaged garage door panels, putting the garage door back on it’s track and other necessary repairs to keep your garage door functioning properly.


Repaired Garage


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Garage Door Spring Replacement

Your garage door springs are vital to the operation of your garage door since they act as counter weight to the weight of your garage door whenever you open or close your door. Due to the weight of the garage door your garage door is constantly under a great deal of pressure resulting in continual wear and tear to your springs. When your garage door springs become worn too much the springs can break making it difficult and dangerous to open and close you garage door. Here at All Day Garage Doors We have skilled garage door repair technicians that can replace those worn garage door springs for you safely and quickly. They will even test your garage door to ensure that it is once again opening and closing properly.

Simple 4 Step Process

Call and Schedule the Repair With Us

Call us now & schedule the time for the fix. We offer a huge range of Garage repair services 24/7.


Technician Visit On Scheduled Time

Our skilled technician will help you with your issue & will guide you throw out the process for future safety.


Repair and Fix Your Garage Issue

Our trained technicians will repair your garage quickly & efficiently, keeping you informed all the way.


Pay Once you are Satisfied

Once you are satisfied with the work & our technician you can pay them on the spot via cash or credit card.


Garage Door Opener Installation, Repair and Replacement

Most people see their garage door as a convenience. With a simple push of a button your garage door opens or closes saving you from lifting that heavy garage door over and over. However, today many garage door openers do more than just conveniently open your garage door, they often offer a number of safety features to protect you and your family both from injury and the outside world. Here at All Day Garage Doors our skilled technicians can install various types of garage door openers and repair them as them including making repairs to your garage door opener remote and keypad.

24/7 Garage Door Repair Services

In addition we are proud to provide you with 24/7 emergency garage services so that you can feel safe any time of the day or the night. To learn about what some of our customers think about our garage door installation and repair service check out our HomeAdvisor and Google reviews. To learn more about the services we provide to our customers give us a call

Installing Garage Door Openers

Woodbridge has some beautiful garage doors. We know because we have service many of them and offered the finest repairs when needed. We invite you to see how installing a new garage door opener can improve the functionality of your life. Knowing that your home is secure and safe with the largest opening to the street including your gate is a service that All Day Garage Doors takes extremely seriously. Call us 24/7 and we can send a technician to look at your new garage door and discuss sales for new garage doors in Central New Jersey.

Friendly Service All Day & Night

The customers are the bread-and-butter of our business. You matter to us. We understand that you have needs for your home and the garage door is a huge part of what people first see as they pass your home. We want all your gas in people on the street to think that you have a secure garage door yet match the style of material to the look you desire. We offer round-the-clock service so you can rest assured that any of our duties can be completed at a moment’s notice. Please feel free to drop us a line about anything or give us a call at any time and we can let you know how to save money on insurance payments with improved garage door security as well as repairing garage doors in the middle of the night no matter what incident happened. Don’t pass something off that can be fixed now, we offer honest rates for garage inspections that will notify you of any problems before they become obsolete.


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