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Hire Expert Garage Door Opener Repair Company

Professional garage door repair and replacement services are mandatory for every owner of automobiles and other valuable machines, who know the worth of their money.

All Day Garage Doors has the right kind of professionals who can handle all your problems in relation to garage doors. We are a team of committed, experienced and knowledgeable of the latest trends as far as garage doors are concerned.

Our services include free estimates, garage door repair, garage door replacement, garage door installation, spring replacement, garage door opener repair, and garage door tips to help increase the life of your garage door.

When hunting for expert and reliable garage door repair and installation in West Windsor Township NJ, All Day Garage Doors is the best place to look.


All Day Garage Doors takes pride in completing thousands of garage door repair and installation projects; including spring replacement services. We are the name to trust for all kinds of garage door repair, replacement and installation projects in West Windsor Township, Hamilton, Princeton, Jackson, Monroe and Montgomery. Over the past 7 years, All Day Garage Doors has faithfully served its clients with competence 24/7.

Stop panicking in the middle of the night, wondering where to find the best garage door repair company to replace your broken door or replace your garage door springs. If you reside at West Windsor Township NJ, All Day Garage Doors is here for that. Just relax and contact us even at wee hours and all will be well.

Is it worth the hassle?

Fixing garage doors and replacing springs is not an easy task. You don’t deserve all that stress after a tough day at work. Not even early in the morning. It is very risky to leave your vehicle unsecured, thus hiring professionals to handle the task is the most convenient option.

Some of the benefits of hiring All Day Garage Doors in West Windsor Township NJ to install and repair your garage doors include:

  • It is cost effective since our rates are very affordable and we get it done right at the first time.
  • It is time effective since we are prompt and will save you the stress
  • We make sure that the garage door is safe, since our first focus is safety
  • We offer emergency services
  • We provide warranty
  • Our technicians come equipped with all the necessary tools
  • You get to enjoy 24/7 service
  • We are thorough at our work
  • We are up to date with modern techniques
  • We are always on the lookout for ways to improve our services
  • We provide you with written estimates.
  • We offer expert advice

How do we prove our competency?

All Day Garage Doors is the best and most authentic company that deals with Garage door repairs and spring replacement. Our customers stick to us because:

  • We have ample experience as demonstrated by client reviews
  • We provide top-notch quality parts for garage door repairs and spring replacement
  • We stand behind our work
  • You can verify our license, insurance and certifications

We provide written estimates for garage door repairs and spring replacement

5 Things To Check Before You Call Professionals For Garage Door Repair

Homeowners often try to repair their garage doors themselves, however, they need to understand that no one can beat the skills of the master. Yes, we agree that there are few repairs that are extremely easy and simple like to mend a squeaky door that merely required a thorough cleaning and lubrication. Whereas for other repairing such as repairing a torsion spring are risky and you need an expert to handle the job.

However, if you still choose DIY methods for garage door there are few things that you need to take care before starting the repairing work. Ensure that you have unplugged your garage door opener to keep yourself safe from electric shock. Most probably you are standing on a ladder for garage door repair which is dangerous to work on. Above all do not forget to wear safety glasses. And if the service is beyond your control, you may call professionals for help. Before you call garage door specialists in Hamilton, Princeton, West Windsor, Jackson, Millstone, Monroe, Freehold, Pennington, Montgomery, and Robbinsville, here is a list of things that you need to check.

Look For The Damages

One of the reasons that your garage door is not functioning is the dents in the metal tracks. Ensure that the tracks are smooth and plain so that your garage door can move easily. To remove the dents, you do not need to call professionals. Strike the damages part of the track with a hammer to straighten it back. And if you are not sure of your skills, let the professionals handle garage door service well.


Are The Tracks Aligned

Unaligned tracks can be one of the reasons that your doors are not working properly. It is not always necessary to unscrew the track to adjust it back. A level can help you check the alignment of the tracks. Align them so that you can finish the repair in no time. If you find doing this difficult, let the professionals handle the alignment before you break it.

Ensure That The Tracks Are Clean And Dry

Obviously trapped dust and dirt in the tracks will create a disturbance for your garage doors. That is why it is necessary to keep the tracks clean. To clean your garage door opener and garage door springs, you can use the regular cleaners or take help from the professional cleaners.

Lubricate The Tracks

No matter what machinery you have in your home, they all need to be lubricated properly. Same is the case with garage doors. To keep them working you need oil or other lubricates so that you do not need calling professional to fix the job. Lubricates will work best when used after thorough cleaning.

Tightening The Bolts And Nuts

Bolts and screws are tending to get loose with the time. Therefore, is it better to tighten the screws and bolts from time to time? They are loosed because of the frequent opening and closing of the garage door. This simple process can save you from spending dollars on your garage doors. If you cannot tighten them, take help from anyone lives near you or from your friend.

And if you have tried every one of the tricks to mend your garage door, let the professionals help you with the tasks. Undoubtedly, no one can beat the skills of the professional as they protect you from serious injuries. If you are not good with the tools, do not attempt DIY garage door repairing at all.

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